The Consultation

If you are currently searching for a way to get “out there” and to push yourself beyond any introversion, shyness or reluctance to be who you are and want to learn how to relate well with others and build mutually-supportive relationships that catapult both parties to a higher level.
I am offering you the tools NOW to help you get to the root of past issues, identify and understand the contributing factors of your
un-observed gaps and travel into the future with the awareness of being awake in the energetic consciousness of the moment.
I’m going to show you why NOW, more than ever before, is the best time for you to take a simple step…. you’re about to get re-inspired, re-invigorated,
and re-assured that YES, you are on the right track!
-The Own Your Power Card Consultations– A link to your past, present and future. Positively affecting change because change will bring a better more dynamic stress free way of living. Empowering you, through enabling understanding, lighting the way towards a bright and new exciting future.
Change your thinking and feel yourself becoming an infinite source of new possibilities.The gateway to the spiritual channels will be open during your consultation for those loved ones who wish to give you a message.

Anna Lovelock
of Golden Orb Healing said:

I have just reconnected with Alison Demarco after almost 20 years since we last met
and her new colour cards and system hold the
same powerful resonance I remember from before!
Getting to know all of these amazing energies again is like meeting hidden or
older parts of yourself and others, along with our ancient archetypes and Universal friends,guides and helpers through the Veil!
The best sign for me was my choosing no.
3 GOLD/GOLD straight away, which feels spot on as I work with this Ray and I have
a great affinity with this special number!
I deeply know that Alison’s sacred mission is to spread joy,
love and insight via these spiritual tools of personal transformation;
and I can’t wait to rediscover more as I journey on!…
Thank you kindly dear soul for all of your gifts of empowerment, truth and wisdom…
(And I also love how easy to use the cards are, the pouch is lovely and they are good value!)

Barbara Hosker said:

“Alison’s readings bring startling clarity to your life… understanding about your past, revelations about your present and vision for your future which brings a sense of empowerment…so that you can finally tale full control of your future.
She helps you to see your life and the patterns that you have been too close for you to see for yourself as in you can’t see the wood for the trees.
Something along the lines of Alison’s readings are spookily scarily amazingly accurate she tells you things that have happened in your life that you have never told to another soul.”